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How to Make A Standout Company Page


We created company pages on Stack Overflow Careers to make it easier for companies and developers to connect over things that really matter when choosing a job. Developers want to learn about their work environment and the tech stack before they look at the nitty-gritty details.

Company pages let you focus on the most compelling ways to tell your story. When done correctly, a completed company page gives you a free, permanent place to show off your work environment and culture within the Stack Overflow developer community. Want to make your page stand out in search results? Here’s our quick-and-easy guide:

Upload a catchy intro image.


The intro image is the cover story of your company, so pick a photo that embodies the core of your culture. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just appear on the top of your company page – it’s also built into the way your company page link appears in search results and in the company page ads that you can post on Stack Overflow.

Get Started


Fill in all of the basic info.


From your company’s logo to all of your social media channels, the more information you give candidates, the more informed they will be about your company. Remember: Your logo appears in all of the same places as your intro image, so make sure it complements the photo you’ve selected.

Use the company statements to tell your unique hiring story.


Even the best job descriptions can’t convey all of the intangibles about what it’s like to work at your company. Be creative. The most effective statements describe things like your company’s mission, what you’re building, or what other properties or affiliate companies you own. Aim for headings that instantly grab attention. If you’re looking for examples of what other companies have done, browse through the published company pages.

Geek out over your tech stack.


There’s nothing better than getting to the core of…well, your core technologies. We learned in ourannual user survey that the thing developers want most in a job is the ability to learn and grow. So if there’s something funky about the tech stack you use or a particular challenge about the way you manage your servers, lay it all out. If you can, give examples of the type of problems or puzzles your dev team has to solve on a day-to-day basis. You’ll attract candidates who are excited by the challenge.

Show off your best benefits.


In our annual user survey, we learned that 9 in 10 developers would turn down a job offer that paid 10% more for a job that better fit their other criteria. This section is a great place to show why developers should want to work here. Have big monitors, free lunch, and transit reimbursement? Write about anything you offer that’s different from other companies; you’ll show prospective candidates exactly what they’ll have to look forward to at work every day. We also use these benefits to pre-populate your ad units if you decide to advertise your roles to the Stack Overflow community.

Link to your team in the people section.


When developers evaluate a job opportunity, the second most important element they consider is the quality of the existing team. Smart people want to work with other smart people, so show off the team you’ve got. Invite your best developers to Stack Overflow Careers with our people widget so you feature your top talent next to the roles you’re looking to fill. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to set yourself apart—and it’s probably something you’re not doing currently.

Use the gallery to post beautiful photos and videos of your environment.


Don’t make candidates wait until the in-person interview to get a glimpse for what your company is like. Use this section to publish up to 20 photos and videos to do a little scene-setting for your candidates. Photos of the office are great, but photos with your actual coworkers in them are even better. Don’t worry about staying conservative – just show things as they are.

List all of the locations where you’re hiring developers.

It’s not just a real estate mantra—location is hugely important when developers choose one job over another. This section lets you list your office locations and maps them out so candidates can easily see what else is in your area. Since developers filter jobs by location when searching for opportunities, this is another way to increase the amount of exposure to your company page and job listings.

Promote your company page.

Once complete, your company page will stay online forever—and you can edit or update it at any time. We encourage you to lead with your company page whenever you’re recruiting developers. For more advice on maximizing exposure to your job openings on Stack Overflow Careers, email us at careers@stackoverflow.com.