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Whether you have two people or twenty people responsible for recruiting developers at your organization, Company Accounts help you manage all of your Stack Overflow Careers recruiting activities in one place. You can link all users from your organization in the same Company Account so it’s easier to see what products you have purchased, how well they perform, and who is responsible for each component. Admin users can manage other members, view all reporting on an individual- and company-wide level, and delegate responsibilities among the entire team. Members can be assigned to manage certain products, such as a specific job listing or a subscription to the candidate search. Finally, our reporting feature provides detailed metrics of the products you use so you can optimize your recruiting success for each position.


From the home page at https://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer, click “log in” on the top right corner to access your account.

Type in your email address to access your profile. Make sure you use the same email address that you used when making any previous purchases with Stack Overflow Careers. Click, “I am a returning customer,” and then input your password or select your OpenID provider. Click, “log in” to complete this step.


After logging in, click “my account” on the mid-navigation bar. This page provides all of the details about the current, past, and open credits you have for each product type. If you haven’t yet set up a Company Account, you’ll see your name in the middle of this page, and all of the product information displayed will only show your purchases. Click “Manage Users” to set up your Company Account to integrate your account with other users from your organization.

From the “manage users” tab, click “create a company account” to set up an account for your organization. (If you are already associated with a Company Account, you will see the rest of the members listed here and can skip this step.)

You’ll see a dialog box that prompts you to type in the company name. Input the name for your organization, then click “create account” to complete this step.



Each Company Account supports two types of users: admins and members. As an admin, you can view all of the products that your company has purchased, manage multiple users, and transfer ownership among different members of your team. You can also edit your Company Page as well as any job listings associated with your Company Account. If you created the Company Account for your organization, you will become an admin user. You can change or update admin rights once other users join your account.

Each additional user that you add to your Company Account will default to a “member” status. Members have fewer privileges than admins and can be assigned as the “owner” of products within Stack Overflow Careers. When assigned as the owner of a job listing, members can edit the listing, and they will receive all candidate applications. As the owner of a candidate search subscription, members can search for and message candidates from their own account. Members may also be assigned to be the owner and editor of your Company Page.


Click, “Manage Users” to invite other members to join your Company Account. In the textbox at the bottom of the page, type in the email addresses for any colleagues that you would like to invite. Then click “send invitations.” They will receive an email that invites them to associate their Stack Overflow Careers account with the Company Account that you created. Once they click on the link in the email, they will become a member. You’ll receive an email once a member has joined your account.


You can view a full list of all admins and members of your account from the “Manage Users” section of this page. As an admin, set the permissions for any user to either a “member” or “admin” status using the functionality on the right. Click “dissociate account” to remove that user from your Company Account.


As an admin, you can delegate recruiting responsibilities to different members of your Company Account. Click on any product type to see the team’s current and past usage and which members currently own each product.


From the “my account” page, click “Job Listings” to view and manage the current, open, and past listings that your company has posted on Stack Overflow Careers. You’ll see the current views, posted date, listing type, and current owner for each listing. You can also purchase additional job listings from this page. Use the drop-down menu to see all of the job listings associated with that particular member. Owners of job listings can edit the content of the job listing, and they will receive all candidate applications for that role. Click here for more information on using job listings on Stack Overflow Careers. Admins can edit job listings as well as change the owner of a listing to another member of that Company Account. If a member has not been assigned as the owner of a job listing, they will not be able to manage any listings.


As an admin, click “change owner” to assign a job listing to someone else. You’ll see a dialog box that lets you choose a new owner from a drop-down menu. If you want to change the owner to someone who’s not associated with your Company Account, enter their email address in the text box, then click, “change owner.”


As an admin or owner of a job listing, click, “manage listing” to be directed to the admin panel. From this page, you can edit, extend, or share the job listing with another user. You can also view the job listing stats or expire the listing.

Admins can share the listing with more people to distribute the editing rights for that job listing. Click “share listing” from the admin panel. You can share listings with users who are associated with your Company Account or invite new users. At this time, you can also opt to invite that user to join your Company Account. Click “share” to send the invites.


Click “Candidate Search” to view and manage the active, available, and previous subscriptions to the candidate search within Stack Overflow Careers. You can view the duration and owner for each subscription, and you can also purchase additional subscriptions from this page. Use the drop-down menu to view stats candidate search stats for any particular member. As the owner of a candidate search subscription, you will have full access to the database, which includes searching candidates, messaging candidates, and moving candidates through our custom-built applicant tracking system. Admins will not have access to the candidate search unless they are assigned as the owner for that search seat, however, admins can change the owner.


Only one person can use a candidate search subscription at a time, but admins can change the assigned owner. Click “change owner” to assign that candidate search subscription to someone else. You’ll see a dialog box that lets you choose a new owner from a drop-down menu. If you want to change the owner to someone who’s not associated with your Company Account, enter their email address in the text box, then click, “change owner.”


Click “Company Page” to view and manage your Company Page and Company Page ad packages. You can view the status and owner of your Company Page, along with details about any ad packages that you may have running. As the owner of a Company Page, you have full editing rights for the Company Page. Admins can edit the Company Page or change the ownership to another member. Click “edit page” to be directed to the editable version of your Company Page or read more about how to make your page stand out to candidates.


The owner and any admins may edit your Company Page. To change ownership, click “change owner” and then select the new owner from the drop-down menu shown. You can also assign the editing responsibilities of your Company Page to someone who is not a member of your Company Account. Click “change owner” to complete this step.


Click the tab, “Order History” to see a full list of all purchases made from users of your Company Account. This page shows the user, the status of the purchase, the date, and the total cost. Once you associate users with your Company Account, their entire purchase history will be pulled in to this list. Use the drop-down menu to review a specific member’s purchase history.

Click the order number to view a detailed receipt for that purchase, which includes the product information and billing contact. You can also print a copy of your receipt from this page.


Click “Reporting” to see detailed metrics from all of the recruiting products you and your team have used. When you associate additional users with your Company Account, the metrics from their accounts will also be pulled onto this page. As an admin, you can view the performance across the entire company or by specific users. Click here to learn more about how to use our reporting tools in your recruitment process.


When viewing reporting details for job listings and your company page, you can see the number of views, applicants, and the click-through-rate on the site. If you have purchased company page ads, the metrics for these will appear when you select “company page” from the drop-down menu. Use the filters to sort by the specific user and product metrics that you would like to view. You can either view the aggregate performance of all job listings from your company or hone in on one particular listing. Click the checkbox, “Show Company Averages” to see how that particular listing compares across the average performance for your entire organization. Hover your mouse above a specific datapoint on the graph to view more details about the performance of your job listing on that day. You can also adjust the time parameters based on the period that you would like to review. If you make edits or changes to your job listing during the posting period, these measurements can help you to review what messaging is resonating the most with candidates on Stack Overflow Careers.

Below the graph, you’ll see a list of all of the referring sites that led candidates to view your job listing or Company Page. Click “show all referrers” to see the complete list. Click, “Download data in CSV format” to save a hard copy of this information to your computer or to circulate the data among other colleagues.


The reporting for candidate search shows detailed information about the subscription length, profiles viewed, and message response rates from users within your Company Account. Use the filter to select one specific user or to view all of the results so you can compare the success rates of messages from different members on your team. You can also adjust the time parameters on the left to view different periods. Click “Download data in a CSV format” to save this information on your computer or circulate the data among colleagues not associated with your Company Account.


If you have any additional questions while using your Company Account, click on the “Feedback & Support” tab on the left of the page, which opens a dialog box for you to input your question. All questions will be addressed within 1 business day. You can also email careers@stackoverflow.com with any questions you may have.