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When you post a job listing on Stack Overflow Careers, your job opening will be publicly available for the 25 million programmers who visit Stack Overflow every month. Since Stack Overflow lets you reach more passive candidates than any other website, we encourage you not to just copy and paste your job description from other sites—instead take time to edit your listing so it’s a more attractive opportunity for our users.


Go to careers.stackoverflow.com/employer. You’ll see both of the product options available for purchase. To put up a new listing, click “Post a Job Listing.” (If you’re already a customer, log in to access your account).


Use the drop-down menu to choose the country where you would like this listing to appear. The price of an individual listing will vary based on the country where you are posting it, which you’ll see on the right. Click “Create new listing” to input the job description.


Use this page to fill out all of the information about your opportunity. Click “publish now” to post your listing on our job board. For more information on what to include in your job description, read our tip sheet, “How to Write a Great Developer Listing.”

Here’s what you can do from this page:

  1. Publish your listing instantly.
  2. See how your listing will appear on the job board before you publish it.
  3. Purchase one or more listings without inputting the job descriptions right now.
  4. Input 5 different technologies or roles to receive the most search potential on our job board.
  5. Check this box to promote your listing on ServerFault, our site for systems and network administrators.
  6. Input the email address where you would like applications to be delivered. You’ll receive an email every time a candidate applies for this role. Or if you’re using your own ATS, you can put the link in the space provided.
  7. Candidates from selected regions will be able to view your job listings. Candidates in regions not selected won’t see job listings in searches, advertisements, or other premium spots.
  8. We recommend that you publish the results of the Joel Test in your listing if 9 or more of these elements are true on your team. It will increase your exposure among candidates.


Sign in to your Stack Overflow Careers account to complete your listing and continue to the checkout page. If you’re a new user, input your email address and select that you are a new customer. Once you complete your login details, you’ll be directed to the checkout page.


Use this page to pay for your listing and post your job immediately. You can also purchase more than one listing on this page or upgrade your current listing. Click “Place order” to complete your purchase.

  1. Update the quantity to purchase more than one listing at a time. Listing credits are valid for one year from the date or purchase.
  2. Use the drop-down if you would like to pay for this listing in another currency.
  3. Upgrade your listing to a Top Spot or Featured listing to give your company and your opportunity greater visibility among our userbase.
  4. Check this box if you have a coupon code. You’ll be prompted to input the code.


You can edit or change your listing at any time during the alloted posting period. Click “my jobs” on the upper right corner of the page to manage your listings and your account.

Here’s what you can do from this page:

  1. See all of the roles you posted on the Stack Overflow Careers job board or roles you have searched for within the candidate database.
  2. View the job listing, your search history, or your candidate pool for any job.
  3. Post a new listing on our job board.
  4. Begin a search for a new position using our candidate database.
  5. Edit your account details and contact information.
  6. Pre-purchase additional job slots or search subscriptions.

Click on the name of any job title to manage that listing. You’ll be directed to the account page for that listing, where you can edit, extend, or expire that listing. You can also view important stats about the number of views and completed applications you’ve received so far. To manage candidates, you can use our customized applicant tracking system (ATS) to move candidates through each stage of the hiring process.

You can also do the following from this page:

  1. Edit or change any part of the job listing.
  2. Extend the listing.
  3. Remove this listing from the job board.
  4. View the candidates who have applied to your listing.


If you have questions about posting jobs, managing your listings, or using our ATS, click on the “Feedback & Support” tab on the left side of the page, which opens a popup screen for you to input your question. All questions will be addressed within 1 business day. You can also email careers@stackoverflow.com with any questions.